Notre Dame

Unexplained in Paris

This was outside the Notre Dame in Paris. We stood there for about 15 minutes trying to figure this one out: The man is a homeless busker- basically a bird man, he sits there all day feeding the pigeons. The Japanese tourist girl does NOT know him. WHY would you sit that close to him? The entire bench area was clear. We thought it could have been a joke, or a photo op…no one was taking photos, she had no friends around. After she finished eating the apple, she just got up and left. WTF!?

  • SMC

    This is hilarious! I love witnessing stuff like that.

  • lauren

    I visited Paris May of 2004 and took an artistic picture of this exact guy covered in birds.  Been on my wall ever since.  

  • Pen

    I think it’s cultural, have you ever known anyone from an Asian country (I mean who still lives there)?  They have no sense of personal space (and I mean this as a simple truth, not as any kind of insult) and I would argue, unless she was somehow in love with him or likes to be crapped on by birds, it was just ingrained in her to sit next to the man to save space for others who might come along and sit, which in Asian countries is (from what a friend of mine from Japan in College told me a few years back) a polite custom.  She could also just be weird, everybody (including the bird man himself) has those…  It just reminds me of those videos of those Japanese train riders who rush the trains and pack themsleves in like a full tin of sardines….  I think you learn to crave the closeness.  I’m sure that man smelled wonderful by the way!