Devil’s Pool

On the very edge of Victoria Falls on the Zambia side, sits the Devil’s Pool.  We were there in December, one of two months where the water level is low enough to allow accessibility to this spot.  Getting there was a challenge on its own – crossing over parts of the river just 20 meters up from where it falls into the gorge.    The Zambian teen who guided our hike, demonstrated the “safety” of swimming there by diving into the river and allowing the current to drag him all the way to the edge.  The natural rock wall just below the water and at the very edge of the falls stopped his progress despite the current.  Good enough for us – we all jumped in and enjoyed one of the cooler places we’d ever been to.

Ultimate Frisbee

While visiting the Himba tribe on the border of Namibia and Angola, this tribesman suddenly grabbed his spear and started running out of the village.  He got no more than 30 meters or so when we called to him and threw him our frisbee.  Slightly confused, he watched as it floated over his head.  He picked it up and tried to toss it backhand with no success.  He grabbed it a second time and threw it forehand for a perfect toss.