Stranded on a Glacier

A ski plane flew us onto this glacier for a 3 day trip but due to an unexpected summer blizzard, it was unable to pick us up for an additional 3 days.  During the storm, we battled cold, ate sparingly the little extra food our guide brought in case of emergency, savored whatever remaining whiskey we had and suffered with our camping toilet in the vestibule of our tent.

When the storm cleared, we built this topless igloo.  The roof was impossible.

Ultimate Frisbee

While visiting the Himba tribe on the border of Namibia and Angola, this tribesman suddenly grabbed his spear and started running out of the village.  He got no more than 30 meters or so when we called to him and threw him our frisbee.  Slightly confused, he watched as it floated over his head.  He picked it up and tried to toss it backhand with no success.  He grabbed it a second time and threw it forehand for a perfect toss.