Unexplained in Paris

This was outside the Notre Dame in Paris. We stood there for about 15 minutes trying to figure this one out: The man is a homeless busker- basically a bird man, he sits there all day feeding the pigeons. The Japanese tourist girl does NOT know him. WHY would you sit that close to him? The entire bench area was clear. We thought it could have been a joke, or a photo op…no one was taking photos, she had no friends around. After she finished eating the apple, she just got up and left. WTF!?

Vietnamese Virility

I was promised virility but all I got was a 5-course meal consisting of a beating snake heart, a bowl of cobra soup, some spring rolls and a few other dishes.  The deep fryer and sweet dipping sauce certainly made the spring rolls the most manageable food, but the highlight of the night was our Vietnamese hosts and the enjoyment they got from our uneasy facial expressions throughout the meal.  We finished off the night with a few shots of of this snake whiskey – not a taste I’ll soon forget.